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formapura-concept is pure exercise of style.


The wood I use for my sculptures is light in color and almost with no grains. In these cases I have choose linden and birch, driftwood quite docile by cleaving and sculpt. We must work with infinite patience at initial stage of carving by gouge making them smooth , levigating and levigating then.. and polishing, hour after hour ... Then I apply finishing surfaces with transparent and opaque products that keep, as much as possible, the natural color of the wood, protecting it to give a chance to caress and appreciate them better, through a tactile reading.

formapura-concept is open to collaborations with architects and interior designer

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Sculpture Percorsi immaginari

Contemporary sculpture

"percorsi immaginari"

linden wood cm 24,5 x 18 x 5,5 steel support

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