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formapura-concept is pure exercise of style.


"formapura, to wear a sculpture "are unique pieces that, carved and finished by hand in "Bosso" wood, they become sculptures to wear. The “Bosso”, being a plant that grows very slowly, it gives rise to a matter very hard and compact, almost without obvious veins. This allows me to get very precise drawings, lines clean and sometimes extreme. And at the same time smooth and silky finish, very pleasant to touch as well as to wear. Generally I do not use products to protect the surface, but I prefer to leave the wood in the natural way, thus, naked and alive matter that only time and light can change a little.

Slide sculpture jewel Petali ts sculpture jewel Petali

Preferably I tend to use the Silver to complete or only make the sculpture wearable. This is because I always consider this metal a simple but noble material, and of pure color, white. On some occasions, jewelery professionals have worked with me to make the frames for some pieces.

Jewel sculpture

"Necklace PETALI"

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Serena Fortin is delighted to make her creativity available to professionals and companies in the sector for collaborations

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